Maronti beach is the most famous beach of Ischia, located in the municipality of Barano. At the end of the sandstrip, you will find the fumarole beach adjacent to Sant’Angelo. From Sant’Angelo you can reach both the Maronti beach and the Fumarole beach by taxi boat. Also in Sant’Angelo you will find the beach on the promontory between the center and the rock. Just before the bus parking lot at the entrance to the village, a road leads you to the sandy Cava Grado beach. Of course, the hottest bay in Ischia called “Sorgeto” in the village of Panza, where you can swim in the warm water, is very interesting. Forio d’Ischia also offers four beautiful beaches: Citara, Cava dell’Isola, Chiaia and San Francesco. Lacco Ameno has the most beautiful bay on the island: the San Montano bay. Along the shore road from Lacco Ameno to Casamicciola Terme you will find various sandy beaches such as the Marina and Bagnitiello. On Ischia Porto you can swim on the beach of the Englishman on the hill of Sant Alessandro. The Lido beach between the port and the Punta Molino is of course the most frequented beach of Ischia Porto. The fishing beach, also called Mandria, is located in the historical center of Ischia Ponte and offers at the same time a splendid view to the castle. On the Castaromana bay in front of the Castello is the same beach, where thermal springs through the Santa Anna rocks directly into the sea.

Here are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island:

Sorgeto bay
One of the most characteristic bay of the island of Ischia and definitely worth a visit. With its hot fumaroles you can also swim here in winter. The water is sometimes so hot that you can fry eggs or cook potatoes, what the islanders actually do. Its beach is pebbly and rocky. Spectacular is a bath at night in the warm water under the shining stars. The bay can be reached on foot or by boat.
Citara beach in Forio
This beautiful white sandy beach was named after the goddess of beauty, Venere Citera. And he deserves that! It drops flat to the crystal-clear sea, in its bay lie the wonderful Poseidon Gardens. The beach is famous for romantic sunsets. There are paid beach baths and small free sections.
Maronti beach in Barano
The largest sandy beach on the island is bordered by Capo Grosso and the small town of S. Angelo. The beach with pebbly sections is framed by green hills. Towards S. Angelo, the water is warm in some places due to hot springs. The Maronti beach is accessible from the municipality of Barano via a panoramic road with wonderful views of the beach and S. Angelo. A taxi boat leaves from S. Angelo in about twenty minutes to the beach, where many beautiful hotels and pensions are located.
San Montano beach in Lacco Ameno
The sand of this smaller beach is very fine and the water drops off flat, which makes it ideal for families with small children. It is dominated by the magnificent Negombo Thermal Park.
Cava dell’Isola beach in Forio
Between two tuff cliffs stretches the free Spiaggia di Cava dell’Isola of coarse gravel, which is mainly visited by young people. Often parties are held there.
Carta Romana beach in Ischia
The Carta Romana beach is not far from the Castello Aragonese. Thanks to its thermal springs, you can swim in warm water even in winter. The beach is in the afternoon in the shade. It can be reached from San Michele, the Piazza above the bay or by taxi boat from Ischia Ponte.
Chiaia beach in Forio
This gently sloping beach of fine sand is popular with families with small children. There is also a free section.