The “Gardens Ravino” were born in 2005 from the dream of Giuseppe D’Ambra, sea-going and big fan of succulents and palms, which in Forio returned from his travels around the world with bags full of cuttings and seeds rare plants.
The mild climate and fertile soil of the island of Ischia, and the exposure on the western side of the residence of Captain D’Ambra have favored the establishment, development and reproduction of exotic flora, which, over the years, has created a unique collection number, variety and size of botanical specimens.
A huge wealth, with great dedication and sacrifice, the family D’Ambra has decided to make available to all tourists. The brothers Christoph and Luca D’Ambra, in fact, with a strong hereditary passion, under the supervision of their father, and after careful evaluation of economic and environmental sustainability, have created a Mediterranean botanical garden.
Spread over an area of approx. 6000 square feet. The offer is the ability to walk along a path of 500 meters that unfolds in a space rich of exotic plants.
The collection of succulents and cacti only in Europe, passion fruit and 40 years of attention of Giuseppe D’Ambra, preserve rare botanical species and is enriched with the exception of original exhibits of bonsai, art and crafts.
A really special for fans and connoisseurs, perfect for families – peacocks, ponies, goats wander undisturbed – and ideal for those looking for a place on a human scale that satisfies intellectual curiosity and the need for relaxation and recreation.