Covering an area of 46,33 square km., Ischia is the eighth largest Italian island and the largest in the Bay of Naples. Neighbouring islands are Capri, Procida and Vivara. Ischia lies 40-44° latitude and 13-55° longitude in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The island is divided into 6 municipalities each with its own administration: Ischia, Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Serrara Fontana and Barano. The resident population of the whole island is 60,000. A volcanic island predominately hilly, it still bears the scars of volcanic activity. The last volcanic eruption was in 1301. The lava flowed down the mountainside from Fiaiano to Ischia Ponte destroying everything in its wake and more recently the devastated earthquake of 1883 in Casamicciola, which claimed many lives.
The circumference is approximately 35 kms (18 miles) and its geographical position allows for a mild climate, which attracts hundreds of visitors annually. The tourist season starts at the beginning of March until the end of November.