In Ischia you have the opportunity to enjoy a nice walk in an uncontaminated holiday atmosphere, undisturbed and carefree, enjoying the sea, in the villages, in the woods as well as through beautiful hiking trails. Take advantage of this opportunity! If you are good enough with your legs, try a bike, an excellent idea that you can realize in the appropriate offices of the different communities. Find out about it at the front desk of your hotel, but if you plan to ride a bike, remember that the island is rather large and not flat, with traffic concentrated on the streets, especially during the night of the summer.
It is always possible to drive to the island in your own car, which is prohibited from spring to autumn for cars of the Campania region. Please pay attention to the no parking signs in the different villages, where it is quite possible to park in public car parks or for a fee. In addition, it is allowed in each community to park for free and unlimited in limited street sections marked with a white stripe. Parking for the disabled can be found everywhere and are specially marked. On the other hand, there are other sections that are marked in blue and are chargeable, where you must issue the corresponding prepaid ticket in the vehicle. Of course you can find cars, mopeds or bicycles in a variety of car rental agencies, which are located in the whole island usually in a convenient location near the port. The vehicles may not be taken to the mainland. If you should be punished, please do not forget to hand over the payment receipt to the car rental office. You will not find any traffic lights on Ischia, but a considerate driving style based on courtesy that allows traffic through the narrowest streets and especially in the winding higher stretches of the island. Seat belts and crash helmets are obligatory!
The taxi service is pretty efficient. Taxis are usually available at central points, squares and ports. The taxis have a taximeter, according to which the price of the trip has to be paid, unless you have made the price in advance with the driver fixed.
The connection of the different places of Ischia is ensured by a dense bus network. The most used bus lines are CD and CS. The CD line goes right around the island. In the opposite direction Ischia is surrounded by the line CS. Sant’Angelo can be reached from Ischia Porto with the lines CD, CS and 1 and the Poseidon Garden only with the bus 2. Main stops for these and other lines are the small square in Sant’Angelo and of course the Trieste at the port from Ischia Porto, where you can buy your tickets or subscribe. You will also get bus tickets at tobacconists, newsagents, bars, travel agencies and at the front desk of many hotels. Day passes as well as tickets at a cheaper rate for 2, 3 or 7 days are also available. Please note that the card must be validated when entering the bus. Day passes are valid only on the first bus you board.