Capri Island

Capri is of course the most important center of the island, very easy to be reached from the harbour Marina Grande. The midpoint of the town is the famous  “Piazzetta” with its typical terraces and arbours, the open air heart of the tourist and wordly life.  One of the most remarkable achievements of the Capri-style architecture is the monumental complex of the “Charterhouse of San Giacomo” that was built in the 14th century in front of the splendid panorama of the Faraglioni rocks. Not far from the Charterhouse there are the “Augustus Gardens” that offer a wonderful view of the Faraglioni rocks and the Marina Piccola, that can be reached from the “Via Krupp”.  The most famous route in Capri brings you to the view point “Tragara” and continues until the famous Faraglioni rocks. Capri is marked by its breathtaking landscapes surrounded by an exuberant vegetation along the walk from the municipality until the “Natural Arch”, scenografic rocks arch on the wall in front of the sea. The “Villa Jovis” lies on the northeastern corner of the island. It was the residence of the Emperor Tiberius. The Villa is situated in front of the so called “Tiberius Leap” on the 330 m high coast. It is known as the place from where Tiberius threw his victims.