Is called the city of dreams for its artistic and natural beauty, whose historic center has been counted since 1995 by UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This is one of the oldest cities in Europe, where contemporary urban fabric keeps the elements of its eventful history. The layout of its streets, its wealth of historic buildings that characterize different periods give the center a universal value without equal, who has exerted a profound influence over much of Europe.
The slogan, known throughout the world, “See Naples and then die” expresses the whole charm of the city, heard over the centuries by all men.
On a relatively small area there are a large number of castles, royal residences, palaces, churches and historical remains of the classical period.
The legacy of this long history, admired everywhere, make the city a museum open to all effects and are to describe fully a few lines are not enough.
The tourist sight, just walking through the streets and stopping to talk to the people of Naples, will be able to enjoy the atmosphere that made this city the capital of the world